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It's no secret that Google owns the digital world. Since the 90s, they have used advanced technology to structure the internet's constant stream of websites, making knowledge and information more accessible to the average user. At Google, accessibility is closely linked to user-friendliness, which means that your website must meet a wide range of technical and content requirements before you can be considered relevant by Google.

Call it 'survival of the fittest', because if you as a business want to be at the top of the Google search engine, it requires both resources and time. Competition continues to increase as more and more businesses go online and the more competition you face, the more Google demands from your website.

Few businesses take it upon themselves to optimize their website on Google because it requires experience, knowledge and training if you want to achieve results. Most importantly, it requires ongoing maintenance and optimization, as there's always a website below you getting ready to overtake.

Choose a Google agency if you want to develop your website or webshop and continuously optimize your marketing through Google Ads, SEO or translation. At IT Stack, we specialize in solutions that prepare your business to compete on Google.


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